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[DailyStar UK] 'UK's first K-pop girl group' Kaachi set to 'challenge' global music scene

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Multi-nationality K-pop group KAACHI, based in the UK, have received a lot of mixed attention since their debut with Your Turn, which has almost 10 million views on YouTube

The word Kaachi won't mean a lot to many people, however to K-pop fans around the world, they may know it as the name of a girl group based in the UK.

Their debut garnered a lot of attention, both negative and positive, with many questioning how they could be known as a K-pop group when the majority of them weren't Korean.

Following the buzz, Daily Star Online spoke to the members, who revealed all there is to know about the rising group.

Leader Nicole, born in Venezuela, told us: "The reason we say we're K-pop is because we're including the language, we're doing the synchronised dancing when we're performing as a group, singing at the same time, something which has been used in K-pop since it was created."

Their debut song, which has close to 10 million views on YouTube, definitely caused a stir among K-pop fans, and for the only Korean member, Coco, that's exactly what she wanted to do.

She explained: "It might be a little bit abstract, but as a Korean, I want to challenge K-pop, so that's why I'm doing Kaachi. I think not only Koreans, but people in any other country, all people can enjoy K-pop or music, whatever, I just want to gather people together in music."

British member Dani added: "If people don't want to label us as K-pop that's fine. What's more important to us is the fact they enjoy our music, regardless of whether they think it's K-pop or not. We're doing something that's a little bit different, so it's not like traditional K-pop, so we can understand why people would not be sure."

The youngest member Chunseo, from Spain, told us that they try and focus on the constructive criticism rather than solely negative comments.

Coco continued: "I think it is also one of the processes to become better and grow more. Actually, there are so many precious comments, because we can see there are still our fans and they always support us, so even though the reaction wasn't positive, they always supported us and we really appreciate it – that's why we can work."


By Jack Wetherill. 29/06/2020

© Daily Star UK.

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