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[Essex Magazine] UK’s First K-POP Girl Band ‘KAACHI’ make Worldwide Debut

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The worlds first K-Pop group from the UK, KAACHI have just released their debut single ‘Your Turn’, becoming the first European K-Pop girl group to ever debut.

The 4 member girl group, made up of 3 different nationalities- Korean, Spanish and British, have broken away from the traditional K-Pop model by creating a ground-breaking concept of Kpop being universal and open to artists from all over the world.

Coco (Lead Dancer), Nicole (Lead Vocals, Group Leader), Dani (Rapper) and Chunseo (Lead Dancer) are set to take the world by storm with their new single and music video, which fuses European pop, K-pop and hip-hop to create a completely new spin on the K-Pop genre- specifically for the European and American market.

“I have always loved Korean culture and listened to KPOP and danced from a young age and now I am very happy to participate as a creator of a new type of KPOP. I hope that many other young people across Europe will be inspired to create KPOP music and follow their dreams ”.

The groups name ‘KAACHI’, originates from the Korean word for ‘Togetherness, Value and Unity’ and symbolises the group being brought together for a common purpose of creating ‘K-Pop Music’ while fusing different countries and cultures into one unique group. Their debut single ‘Your Turn’ follows the story of a girl who struggles with her ex-boyfriend with the lyrics and music video following the girls emotional struggle with love and breakups, something which many people can empathize and relate to. The message behind the song is both uplifting and inspirational, showing the girl fighting through these emotions to come out on top of the world with confidence and feeling empowered.

The Group were discovered and put together after being scouted at the UK KPOP Dance Competition held in London, England in October last year and have received training at 1 Million Dance Studio, Korea's most famous dance studio. They are also set to appear in their very own UK TV Series on Channel 4, airing later this year, following their journey from ordinary girls with big dreams and aspirations to their journey of becoming K-Pop stars.


By Essex Meg. 30/04/2020

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