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[KPOPSTARZ] KAACHI Unveils Their Pre-Release Single Promotional Poster for Their Comeback

KAACHI, the four-piece K-pop girl band, will be making their highly-anticipated comeback very soon. They have reportedly finished recording their pre-release single Photo Magic, which is said to be coming out in October.

The poster features images of mysterious magic in a dark, aiming to share some magic for Halloween.

"KAACHI is scheduled to come back in late October, dropping a new single for their first-ever mini-album next year. We plan to officially announce the date for the album as soon as possible, after all of the recordings of the tracks are finished," Frontrow Records confirmed.

Raising massive international attention with their next single, KAACHI will drop teaser videos accordingly to surprise fans and show their latest concept. The music video for KAACHI's previous single has reached over 11 million views on YouTube.

Further, they have recently been invited as guest performers at NYFW, and attended the "K L I M A virtual collection" show by Vedran Skorin.

Check out the video below!

KAACHI is Europe's first-ever K-pop girl group that debuted on April 29, 2020. Members include Chunseo, Nicole, Dani, and Coco. 

The group released debut single, Your Turn, on April 15, and released the official music video on the same day of their worldwide debut.

Amidst the rough start, being the receiving end of unpleasant remarks on social media, Frontrow Records released a statement regarding the non-fans who have commented maliciously against the girl group.

"Because of the recent circumstances, KAACHI has received a lot of hate comments. This is something that FrontRow does not take lightly. Any threatening, abusive or false rumors will be reported, and, depending on the severity of the comment, we may even take legal action," the label said.

Coco, Nicole, Dani, and Chunseo will continue to exhibit their performances internationally, with the mix of European, K-pop, and hip-hop genres, set to target the American and European audiences.


By KPOPSTARZ. 24/09/2020


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